Humble Cup WorkersHumble Cup is a local coffee shop joining the West Bank area. Every day, we strive to serve you the best coffee in the area to make your day better. With the long-standing relationship we have built with our roaster, we offer a wide variety of coffees to suit the palate of each customer. With that said, we are hoping to become your favorite coffee shop. We hope to become a place you can trust to be there for you, whether you are looking to relax, cramming to meet a deadline, or just want to hang out. We are excited for you to come and join us here. Do not miss our frequent entertainment as well as artwork by artists from all over the city. We also provide large orders of food and coffee for your office or meeting.

Contact us for more information. We will be your living room and kitchen away from home so you can relax and recharge.

COFFEE - The Bean Truth

Our coffee comes from True Stone Coffee, a local coffee roaster with quality coffee beans that are extraordinarily fresh.

We offer brewed and pour-over coffees, espresso, lattes, teas, and other beverages. Here at the Humble Cup, we have a plethora of single bean roasts and blends.

Our desire to sell the best coffee possible comes from a love of coffee. We enjoy providing you with something that will make your day that much better.